Fertilization Program for Trees, Shrubs and Lawns in West Palm Beach

Fertilizer supplies essential nutrients and trace elements, such as magnesium, manganese and iron that are in short supply here in West Palm Beach. These elements, as well as the basic nutrients of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, are essential to plant health. Fertilization and irrigation keep plants healthy, giving them the stamina to fight insect and disease invasions.

Each fertilizer is specially blended by Total Plant Health Care or our suppliers to meet the exact nutritional requirements for your trees, shrubs and lawn. The materials are then applied utilizing proper techniques that will promote optimum vigor.

For trees, we apply our custom blend in liquid form, which quickly transports nutrients to the entire root system using water as a carrier. The fertilizer can be absorbed immediately by the tree roots, rather than waiting for rain or irrigation.

For shrubbery and lawns, we apply our custom mixed fertilizer in granular form. This is a time-release formulation that supplies nutrients in sufficient quantity to meet the plant needs over a long period of time.

Fertilization will be applied at the specific intervals that will promote plant health.