Insect Control for Your Trees, Bushes and Plants in West Palm Beach

Keep your green growing things free of insect and disease problems.

Insect Problems in West Palm Beach

Insects can cause considerable damage to trees and shrubs. By defoliating trees or sucking out their sap, insects retard their growth, weakening and sometimes killing them. By boring into the trunk and branches, they interfere with sap flow and weaken the tree structure to a point where it may be easily blown over by the wind. Insects may also carry pathogens or provide an entry way for fungi, bacteria, or viruses.

Beneficial Insects

Some insects are beneficial rather than destructive; they may help with pollination or act as predators of more harmful species. Therefore, killing all insects without regard to their kind and function can actually be detrimental to tree health.

Insect Analysis and Diganosis

Insects and diseases pose two of the most serious threats to your tree's health. As soon as you notice any abnormality in your tree's appearance, a careful analysis must be conducted to gain an understanding of the problem by examining the specific damage symptoms and understanding their causes. We can make a reasonable diagnosis of the problem and select the proper treatment.